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We are constructing sport facilities and manufacturing artificial lawn for different purposes and selling to the world
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  • classis grass

    Classic Grass

    Classic Grass It has professional standards for Soccer grass. It has a unique shape and fiber content which stays up...
  • super-fake-grass-v

    Super Grass V

    Fake Grass Super V Super V the durable solution. This system is very durable system in compare to others. It has a u...
  • super-fake-grass-c

    Super Grass C

    Fake Grass Super C It has a thick spine on the both edges of the  grass .This double spine gives a flexibility to th...
  • garden-fake-grass

    Fake Grass Garden

    Fake Grass Garden Gardenin is a big headache for a lot of people.Watering,fertilizing or weeding …. Integral turf is...

Artificial Grass Installation

There are some important rules during the installation of turf carpet. First of all the base must be levelled correctly. Sub base must be done according to technical details. Fine gravel must be compacted on the earth through a construction machine in order to make the base nice and convenient for laying imitation grass. The next step is to put geotextile under the turf carpet.

.... When We are laying the carpet the corners must be glued well with a polyester tape and two compenants glue.The turf must be filled with sbr granules by using spreading machine. If the field is indoor then the roof must be covered accordingly.


Artificial turf is also called as Synthetic turf. Both of them are having same meaning. Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibre threads  in big tufting machines. Artificial turf is used in sport fields especiall for soccer , decoration and landscaping.

Synthetic grass can be used in different fields.There are different kinds of artificial grass products.It is mostly used for decoration,soccer and landscaping.

Synthetic grass may have different kinds of heights.As the heights are getting bigger the price is also getting higher.Meantime dtex of the grass is also affecting the price.

Artificial turf can be installed easily. There are some works to be done before installing fake grass carpets.The sub base must be done and the ground must be levelled. Fine gravel must be compacted through a construction machine before installation artificial lawn on it. There must be geotextile under the grass for a better result.

Imitation grass carpets are weaved in machines.Generally every roll has a widht of 4 meters and the lenght can be any.Before laying the imitation grass on the surface sub base and concrete walls must be done.Drainage pipes must be replaced carefully.After laying the artificial grass on the surface the joining parts must be glued by a two compenants glue.



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