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What is Artificial Grass

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Do you choose anything fake? The real one always seems on the top of the list, but when it comes to grass the opposite may be the best one since the artificial grass is a product that has many advantages against the natural one and if it is provided by the best artificial grass manufacturer of Turkey, it will become the best option to prefer. Green any part of your life by buying the best artificial grass roll on the market.

Artificial Grass Features

Artificial grass is an appealing lawn alternative for homeowners who want to get rid of the lawnmower, the trowel, the fertilizer, and the sprinklers. It is a low-maintenance alternative to a long-lasting lawn if you are wary of losing your weekends to lawn chores. The best artificial grass will let you forget all of the burdens you carry when you have a natural one. Artificial grass installation is quick and easy; all you have to do is wait a few days to start enjoying it. It is extremely resistant to UV rays and variations in weather conditions. It continues for quite some time. It does not use the earth, therefore it will be free all the time, and you will be in a pure and sensitive environment. One of the biggest advantages of an artificial grass outdoor or indoor is that it does not rely on water to stay up. That is why, you will save money on water, plus you will not require any gardening experience, which means you will not have to pay someone to look after it.

Artificial Grass Usage Areas


The number of uses for artificial grass has risen substantially since its invention. This is largely owing to technological advancements that have made it possible to use specifically engineered artificial grass on balconies, in schools and nurseries, and even to build your backyard putting green. Artificial grass quality and aesthetics have improved dramatically since the advent of the natural look, feelgood, and instant recovery technology.  You can now name any place to install artificial grass for your children or artificial grass for dogs due to its durable and healthy features.

Artificial Grass Installation

To begin, you must first measure the area that will be trimmed with artificial grass. You may need to consider measurements of edges, borders, and curbs when calculating the artificial grass. Apart from that, any rubbish or pebbles must be removed before you begin installing the grass. Artificial grass costs are calculated per square foot. It is always a good idea to look for a reputable lawn supplier to help you make your decision and that is the point at which you can contact us freely. It does not matter if you will buy the product and the service from us but it is best to consult a company with an experience and expertise in the field which we have been providing for many years. The majority of individuals choose artificial grass since it is simple to maintain. If you are one of them, you can unwind once the installation is complete. If you want to give your yard a more appealing appearance, you can experiment with a variety of landscaping ideas. There are several locations in your house where you can put artificial grass and create a relaxing environment for your family.

Finally, as the top artificial grass maker in Turkey, we provide you with the best pricing and service. We provide the most cost-effective method of installing artificial grass. For indoor or outdoor use, we will offer the most competitive artificial grass cost per sq ft. For further information and a free estimate, please fill out the contact form top of page.

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Artificial turf is also called as Synthetic turf. Both of them are having same meaning. Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibre threads  in big tufting machines. Artificial turf is used in sport fields especiall for soccer , decoration and landscaping.

Synthetic grass can be used in different fields.There are different kinds of artificial grass products.It is mostly used for decoration,soccer and landscaping.

Synthetic grass may have different kinds of heights.As the heights are getting bigger the price is also getting higher.Meantime dtex of the grass is also affecting the price.

Artificial turf can be installed easily. There are some works to be done before installing fake grass carpets.The sub base must be done and the ground must be levelled. Fine gravel must be compacted through a construction machine before installation artificial lawn on it. There must be geotextile under the grass for a better result.

Imitation grass carpets are weaved in machines.Generally every roll has a widht of 4 meters and the lenght can be any.Before laying the imitation grass on the surface sub base and concrete walls must be done.Drainage pipes must be replaced carefully.After laying the artificial grass on the surface the joining parts must be glued by a two compenants glue.



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