Artificial Turfs

#Artificialturf is commonly used for sports grounds flooring such as football pitches, tennis courts, and hockey fields. It is more preferable than real grass for flooring of outdoor fields today. It is less expensive and much easier to maintain in long term. In contrary to real grass which needs water and replacement after each sports season, artificial turf does not require any water or any replacement each year. Our company has a good international reputation as an artificial turf manufacturing company exporting high-quality products to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Fake grass products are getting very popular day by day in the World by everybody. Because it has a lot of consumption by different industries.  Integral is an artificial fake grass manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. Our factory is having 15.000 m2 area for production.We also have a laboratory for testing the products in the factory. Artificial Turf can be used in sport facilities, garden landscaping or for decoration.



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